In late July, I read about Catlike’s 2010 Whisper Plus helmet. Supposedly, the lightest and coolest (from a temperature standpoint) helmet on the market and I had to have one! They were available for purchase in the US on August 2nd, which is when I placed my order, then anxiously checking the Fedex tracking each day to watch it’s progress. Yes, I was excited.

The Whisper Plus retails for $280.00 which puts it on the pricey side of things. My justification was simple, it was designed to protect my head making it invaluable riding accessory. It arrived in a black hard-shell carrying case, very similar to an expensive pair of sunglasses. I immediately inspected and tried on the helmet, being very impressed with its design. It is an extremely light helmet, yet feels very rugged.

I chose ‘Cervelo White’ as the color of my helmet which seems appropriate as I ride a Cervelo P2. The whites on both do in fact match.

The following morning in Central Park I noticed a number of interesting differences in this helmet as opposed to my old Bell. It has an adjustable back strap that sits right at the bottom part of the skull, keeping the helmet tight but still breathable. If necessary I was able to (with one free hand) reach back and tighten or loosen this device to find a happy medium while riding.

It’s most notable feature is the wind coming through the vents and across the top of your head. It was pretty amazing and really did keep my head cooler than I was used to.

As far as ‘looks’ go (come on people, we all like to look good when racing) it is great from the side angles and has an aerodynamic quality. From the front it looks very alien with its multiple honeycomb vents, which is a minor drawback compared to it’s cooling function. Overall, it looks very professional and may mark the beginning in a new era of helmet design.

I have been wearing it on training rides a lot with no dissatisfaction. In fact I love it. As far as races go, I haven’t tested it yet as I have only had a few ‘Sprints’ since owning it. Probably, I would wear it in any race greater than a Half Ironman as you hardly know you’re wearing the helmet which is a huge plus.

I would definitely recommend this helmet to any serious cyclist or triathlete.

MSRP: $280


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