The “Run Don’t Walk” line of gear from Cloudveil is not only for the athlete who is based in the high reaches of the company’s home base of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Nor is it some utilitarian line of unattractive gear that works well, but looks awful.

When I got my hands on the Run Don’t Walk vest, I had never run in a vest before and didn’t quite know what to make of it. As it happens though, it really fits my M.O. very well because my arms and hand tend to get extremely warm when I’m running, even when it’s very cold out.

The first time I went to run in this vest, I think it was about 25 degrees outside, if I recall correctly. the first thing that struck me was the weight of the vest, which is to say the LACK of weight. Coming in at a ridiculously minuscule 7 ounces, I honestly couldn’t believe how light it was in my hands! This lightness carried over to the feel once I put it on also.The odd thing is, the thickness of the fabric by Polartec belies the weight but gives a comforting prelude to the protection that the garment provides.

Being that I am a singer and am somewhat obsessive about my throat/neck being covered, the high neck on this vest was really perfect in height. It cam right up to my chin, keeping my entire neck warm but never falling onto my skin enough to offer any kind of chaffing or annoyance.

I can honestly say that I was and remain taken completely aback at the performance and warmth of this vest! While it is still cold outside here in the Northeast, and with an arctic front bearing down on us for this coming weekend, I am looking forward to revisiting this review when things begin to turn toward the spring to see just how versatile this thing is!

MSRP: $75


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