Leading up to Ironman Louisville this year, I have been quite desperate to find something that could keep up with my rate of perspiration. That’s right, I sweat…a TON. I need a pair of glasses that are lightweight, has a great field of vision, minimal or no frames that would allow sweat to pool, lenses that would allow my copious amounts of sweat to run off easily and allows for a boatload of airflow to keep my eyes and brow line cool(ish). The Pivlock V90 Max fits the bill on all accounts.

First, weight; the Pivlock’s are amazingly lightweight. Aside from their weight in hand, the action and fit make them that much more invisible. While the weight of some glasses belies cheap and half-baked manufacturing, the Pivlocks are actually designed with that in mind using what they call the Grilamid TR90 frames, built for flexible, light yet hard core construction.

Next, the lens. Well, as far as traditional frames go, the Pivlocks have none. This means absolutely zero interfering with any part of your periphery. The field of vision goes seamlessly from the through the lens, to over or under the lens (if you can get around the great coverage). The V90 Max’s come with three lenses, bronze mirror, ignitor (rose tinted) and clear. Each of the lenses offers a clear, easy to clean, larger surface and they have a sweat seal hydrocoating that allows sweat to roll off easily. The changing of the lens takes about 10 seconds flat and is super simple yet sturdy.

The shape of the glasses makes them very comfortable an firmly, yet lightly, fitting on your face. They offer a huge amount of coverage that once again, has no frames to distort your field of vision. Even with that much coverage, the airflow is unparalleled in my experience. There is no frame lip to interrupt or stop the airflow over the brow and air flows throughout the entire perimeter of the lens, keeping your face and eye area cooler than any glasses I’ve tried. After a six hour ride I came home and HAD to show my wife the lack of sweat on the lenses!

The one possible detractor for some people may be the size of the V90’s. They probably work best on a medium to large face because of their size. This isn’t to say that they wouldn’t “work” on everyone, that’s a matter of taste and preference.

I highly recommend the Smith Pivlock V90 Max glasses. As long as I can keep these bad boys on my face they’ll be there. On top of that, Smith’s lifetime warranty certainly helps!

OH! I almost forgot!! Take a look at the amazing, removable prescription system that the V90’s offer!

MSRP: $139

Link: http://tinyurl.com/2ejsqpc


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