Fifteen years have passed since SmartWool introduced its legendary hiking sock and forever changed consumers’ relationships with their feet. Again revolutionizing sock technology, SmartWool is the first to combine graduated compression with Merino wool.

SmartWool Graduated Compression socks offer a 20-30 mmHg-graduated compression rating for: improved circulation, reduction of muscle damage, reduced fatigue and swelling, faster recovery. Offered in two levels of cushioning for multiple sport applications and footwear either Ultra Light, non-cushioned or Light, cushioned. All lengths are over-the-calf, with a mesh vent zone at the top of the foot for maximized ventilation. Combining the performance benefits of graduated compression with all the benefits of SmartWool® wool fibers including temperature regulation, moisture management, odor-free and easy care, these socks give feet the support they need for a hard day of endurance activity and to ensure proper recovery before heading out the next day.

SmartWool’s Graduated Compression socks also offer performance elements found in the PhD sock line as well such as WOW Technology™, an innovative knitting technique that puts more wool where it’s needed the most, in the critical high impact zones, making socks more comfortable with longer lasting wool benefits.

Skiers, runners, cyclists and endurance athlete’s performances have been shown to improve when including graduated compression socks during activity and recovery speed is increased afterword. SmartWool users who go hard can rely on graduated compression to restore energy post activity and meet the next day with replenished get-up-and go. SmartWool’s Graduated Compression socks not only give consumers state of the art performance and comfort they have trusted for the past 15 years but also competitive prices for the PhD Graduated Compression Ultra Light, msrp: $37.95 and the PhD Graduated Compression Light, msrp: $39.95. www.smartwool.com

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