With the introduction of the new Thermal Midlayer (TML) series, SmartWool launches the SmartWool® Layer Up System for Fall 2010. Cold weather outdoor enthusiasts will be able to layer head-to-toe in SmartWool® material, offering the most effective and efficient layering system in complement with breathable, waterproof outerlayers.

SmartWool’s® Next-to-Skin (NTS) Baselayers are the foundation of the SmartWool® Layer Up System. Moving the moisture vapor away from the skin, NTS keeps the breathing process going by allowing the vapor to pass through its fiber out to the Thermal Midlayer. The NTS Baselayer also manages any moisture build-up on the skin, absorbing it into the wool fibers away from the skin. The TML acts as the insulation layer, providing extra warmth without added bulk. The TML is also critical in keeping the layering system breathing; passing the moisture vapor through its Merino wool fibers where the breathable outerlayer can release the moisture vapor to the outside atmosphere. Wearers stay drier, warmer and more comfortable when wearing a complete layering system of Merino wool Baselayers and midlayers.

SmartWool continues improvements to the fit, functionality and finishes of its Next-to-Skin Baselayer line. The increased hem width on the cuff and waist; rolled forward side seams and added underarm panels simply add to the comfort. New fun colors and bright striped patterns plus all the moisture moving benefits of 100% SmartWool® Merino wool fibers, makes this an everyday “must-have” for hours spent playing in the snow. And, all NTS pieces are easy care – machine washable and dryable. Other finishing details and overall designs for both men and women include: chin guard on zippers; contrast neck taping; subtle flat lock stitch detail; and the introduction of seamless shoulders in the midweight collection to reduce chafing.

As the second layer in the system, the new SmartWool® Thermal Midlayers (TML) provide the necessary insulation and aide in the body’s breathability process. The TML continues to move perspiration in its vapor state, transporting it to an outer layer before it condenses into a liquid. A buffer of air is trapped in between the NTS Baselayer and the Thermal Midlayer creating a thermal insulation zone, providing warmth. This keeps the wearer dry, warm and comfortable, so activities can continue. New Thermal Midlayers are available in three weights: TML Light SportKnit, a warm, light midlayer sweater ideal for three-season aerobic and stop and go activities. TML Light is a warm, light, midlayer to help make transitioning through the seasons extraordinarily comfortable. The TML Heavy is the warmest insulator for active pursuits and stop-and-go activities in very cold weather. TML – the SportKnit has a looser weave and allows for more breathability. It’s good for high aerobic days or warmer days. An additional benefit of layering all in Merino, you get the warmest system possible, without bulk giving the wearer maximum mobility. With three weights in both NTS and TML, as well as multiple fabric construction options in the TML users can mix and match for the optimal layering system. The overall benefit here is that users can really fine-tune their dressing system – for their body, their activities and the weather.

For more information visit: http://smartwool.com

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