The time of year is upon us when the day are short and the nights are long. Unfortunately I don’t mean that in the “let’s party” context, I mean it in terms of the amount of daylight that the Northern hemisphere has. I know that for me it means almost always getting in good runs or rides during the week is relegated to almost all sun-less hours.

Prior to getting my hands on the Sprinter headlamp from Black Diamond Equipment I had never had the opportunity to run with a headlamp. To be honest, I always thought that it would be a cumbersome, haphazard experience that would leave me running dark or not at all. I was wrong.

My first impression of the Sprinter upon putting it on my head was that it’s low profile wouldn’t be something that bounced around my head. On top of that, the optional top strap of the headband lends extra stability and is easily removable if you choose. The headband itself is very soft and hides any wires and bumps that might otherwise rub your head uncomfortably. There is plenty of room for adjustment to accommodate the heaviest of beanies and other winter hats. Personally, I have worn the Sprinter with about five different hats and have had zero problems.

Upon first powering up the Sprinter, I was almost blinded by the power of the light (that’ll teach me!). The double power LED provides a big 68 lumens, which when combined with the oval light pattern makes it perfect for running. Also, on the back of the Sprinter there is a red strobe that can be turned on and off for added safety, particularly in more high traffic areas.

One of the best features that I’ve found with the Sprinter is the rechargeable aspect. To charge the device to full takes about 6 hours according to Black Diamond. That may seem like a long charge time, but it took me a couple weeks of running to even notice the light beginning to dim a little, so the battery life is amazing.

I have and will continue to recommend the Sprinter to those interested in a good headlamp specifically meant for running. It is a bit pricey, but for the money you’ll save in batteries, you’d be hard pressed to find a better device. This is a robust and well thought out offering from Black Diamond and would be a worthy addition to any die-hard runner’s arsenal.

More stats on the Sprinter:

  • LED Type : DoublePower
  • Lumens : 68
  • Max Distances : 50 m
  • Max Burn Time : 64 H
  • Weight Without Batteries : 100 g, 3.5 oz
  • IPX Rating : 7

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