Osprey Packs

I got a peak at the upcoming line for Osprey Packs and I have to say that what struck me most was their attention to detail. It’s always funny how the minutia seems to be what gets me the most. For instance, the “briefcase handle” on one side of an upcoming bicycle commuter bag that has hide-away straps turning this rugged pack into something much more business like. Another impressive feature is the stiff back portion of the fluid reservoir for their hydration packs. This prevents “barreling”  and sloshing during activity.

Moving Comfort

While I am a guy and have pretty much no idea what I’m looking at when it comes to sports bra’s, I did discuss Moving Comfort with my wife and she seemed extremely impressed. The industry standard for these things tends to be a generic sizing approach for sports bra’s (i.e. Small, Medium and Large) which as my wife told me makes zero sense. Moving comfort has gone beyond and makes sports bra’s as other bra’s are made, with REAL sizes. Oh, they’re not just sports bar’s, but an entire line of women’s active gear that is made with what women want in mind.

Keen Footwear

In checking out the upcoming season of Keen, I was extremely happy to see that they appeared to be embracing a bit of the minimalist approach to trail running footwear. In particular, the men’s and women’s A86 trail shoe. This shoe is super light and flexible with multi-directional traction points on the sole to roll with the punches thrown by the ground.


Ok, two words, wool underwear. Yep, you heard me. Honestly, I was a bit scared at the thought. However, after feeling the amazingly soft texture of this fabric, I was a believer. From inside out, Icebreaker uses Merino wool with fantastic results. Their running and athletic lines are extremely lightweight and breathable. Their base layers are warm without sacrificing ventilation. Good stuff on the way for them including an NYC store coming this fall in SoHo.


Ok, if you’re into cycling at all then this has probably been on your radar for a couple of weeks now. I’m talking about the holy union between Look pedals and Polar. The fruit of this is the forthcoming Look/Polar built in power meter pedals. They’re based on the Look Keo Blade pedal and have officially thrown down the gauntlet in the pedal based power meter wars. I also got a peek at the new Look 695. This drool-worthy ride sports an amazingly light single piece crank which runs through an absolutely massive bottom bracket.

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