Simkins Designs Egg Brake

Simkins Designs is a small company located in San Jose, CA. It was founded in 2007 and has produced 3 generations of commercially available bicycle road brakes. Their newest brake called the Egg Brake has Triathlon/Time Trial specific design. The brake was extensively computer modeled for wind drag and the company offers physical test report results for download through their website. Being a dual pivot side-pull style caliper brake the Egg Brake has greater stopping power than standard center-pull brakes and is compatible with conventional frames and forks. The company claims that it is the narrowest dual pivot brake available, and at 287 grams it is light even by road brake standards. Look for the Egg Brake to be on the TT bikes of Team Kenda next year! [LINK]

TRX Suspension Training

I want one of these and I want it bad. The TRX suspension training system has been all over the place lately. One of the most obvious reasons is built into its URL, I’ve seen people with these setups hanging from more trees around town. So, I was intrigued. The TRX system is one that works every major muscle group and is small enough to come with you on trips and mounts to just about any door or anywhere else you can think of. I will wait to get into the details until I’ve gotten to try this for myself, but suffice it to say that this thing looks awesome. [LINK]

Finis Swimsense

Before I was a runner, cyclist, hiker, triathlete or anything else in sports I was a swimmer. From the age of 11 I swam year round and was fast. At Ironman Wisconsin in 2009 I was 30th overall out of the water. I don’t say this to brag, but just to make it clear that all things being equal, I am a swimmer first. When I first heard about the Swimsense I expected another lap counter on your wrist, which are not so helpful. However, this little beauty is purportedly much more than that. The Swimsense can track pace, turnover, stroke distance, calories, pace and on and on. I don’t have one, but would love to put one through it’s paces. To those that have one already (ahem) I sure hope you’re swimming can keep up with what this device offers. [LINK]

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