ContourGPS meets you smartphone

So, you’ve got this sweet new hands-free video camera. Not only does it do full HD video but it has built in GPS functionality to tell you just where you’re about to wipeout. The only problem is, you do an entire days worth of some amazing descents in some secret backcountry spots and you’ve managed to only have about 50% useable material since the other 50% was a view of the sky. ContourGPS has now introduced and app for your smartphone that makes all that a thing of the past. With their new app you can now see on the screen of your phone exactly what your camera sees. Just try to put the phone away when you actually start moving! [LINK]


This little box, no bigger than a deck of cards gets strapped to your wakeboard/skis/snowboard/skateboard/mountain bike/stroller (and on and on) and starts recording data. After you’ve finished whatever activity you can throw at it, you plug this little gizmo into your computer and all of a sudden you can see ALL the data you want: speed, location, g-forces, exact object angles, hang time, rotation degrees, spin rates and so on. All this stuff then gets laid out on a map for you to feast your eyes upon and of course brag to anyone who’ll listen. [LINK]

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