6ix Design Ra-el

Concept design often see things come down the road that are not likely to be seen again. However, it is the forward thinking in both design and function that take those all too often over-the-top designs and move them into practical application. The Ra-el from 6ix Design is a concept bike that has a lot to offer in the way of practical application. Evan Solida has designed this bike from the ground up, moving bike design forward all the while. He’s moved to take the 80+ year old handlebar design and made significant ergonomic improvements. He’s taken the Cervellum Hidsight (also his design) and integrated it into the seatstays. Complete with Shimano Di2 drivetrain, this bike is a concept with legs. Look out for some of the features on this beast to be racing up the Col du Tourmalet before you know it. [LINK]

Pioneer Prototype Android Cycling Computer

As an Android owner I was intrigued by Pioneer’s entry into the cycling computer market using the open source software. It focuses on all the major things that most cycling computers focus on and also throws a bit of power measuring in. With a purported 12 hours of battery life as well as ANT+ support and GPS, if this thing ever makes it to actual production it could be a good contender amongst the big boys. On my wish list for it though, has to be a multisport function. Get on that Pioneer! [LINK]

On Running

The Switzerland based On Running is one of the newer kids on the running block and has brought with them a very interesting new technology. Their CloudTec is based upon their research showing that it is not necessarily vertical forces that plague many runners but possibly more significantly, horizontal forces. On claims an impact force reduction of 25-30% and also, “is even more active during push-off than a regular running shoe.” Intriguing! [LINK]

Brandon Wood

Born and raised in the great state of Virginia, Brandon is a former opera singer (true story) who’s had the outdoors flowing through his veins since day one. Brandon now lives in Colorado with his daughter Sydney (AKA, Baby Gearist).

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