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photo: Dennis Dimick/flickr, Used With Permission

When it comes right down to it, Human beings are a very small blip on the timeline of our planet. For literally billions of years before the first mammals even showed up, the Earth was an ever changing place, forming the vistas and landscapes that we see and enjoy today. Sadly, in our current day and age, many of us seldom put down our digital devices and look up at the majesty that is always around us, from the backcountry to our backyards.

Here at Gearist we live outside. The Earth is not only our home, but our playground and as such we want to see this amazing place taken care of. Whether it’s your neighborhood park, the back bowls of


photo: Dennis Dimick/flickr, Used With Permission

Vail or wide open prairie, it is affected by our actions as humans, so naturally we want to be good stewards of the environment and of this planet. We want future generations of adventurers and athletes to enjoy the outdoors just as much as we do right now. Moving forward we’ll have a regular feature highlighting outdoor and gear brands and organizations that hold themselves to a high standard of stewardship to this beautiful sphere we call home.

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photo: Dennis Dimick/flickr, Used With Permission

The things we’ll be looking for include not only membership in organizations like 1% For the Planet and Protect our Winters but also internal initiatives. From brands that aim to make their companies completely powered by renewable and sustainable energy to companies whose materials and manufacturing processes are thoughtful and low in environmental impact. We want to recognize their personal philosophies, goals, and outreach programs that emphasize an appreciation for the environment, and a willingness to make gear that serves to not only make our time outside phenomenal, but that also ensures that it keeps the outdoors themselves just as phenomenal.

As we go along through this series we want to hear from you. If you know of a brand or company that’s involved in the great outdoors who you’d think would be a wonderful addition, let us know by clicking the contact button at the bottom of this page. Remember to check back often and we’ll see you outside!


Sofia Dimick

Environmental Editor, Gearist


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