If I’m perfectly honest, I don’t sweat like a lady. In fact, I’m just shy of the average perspiration production of any male athlete, and one of the biggest issues I run into on my runs is having to constantly wipe my brow. That’s why I loved this Headsweats race hat. It does exactly what its name implies: catching and absorbing your head sweat (or sunscreen) before it trickles into your eyes and renders you nearly blind.


This race hat is made of lightweight polyester that breathes really but easily functions as a layer for warmth when it’s cold. Because it wicks moisture, it can feel a little wet after a workout, but I was really impressed by how quickly it dries.

Headsweats Reflective Hi-Vis Race Hat Review - GearistHeadsweats’ performance hat line features a variety of colors, but this particular version is made with a bright neon fabric (the Headsweats Eventure™ Reflective) and reflective piping (rim). These features make it very easy for motorists and bikers to spot you. Where I run I have to cross a lot of streets. Sometimes wearing a high-visibility vest is inconvenient, and in the dark hours of fall and winter I like having the option to use this hat instead to make myself noticeable and simultaneously keep me a little warm.

The bill comes permanently arched and underneath you will find a black polyester fabric that is intended to reduce glare. In the back is a white adjustable buckle. If you’re like me and have as much hair as 3 people combined, you are always looking for a hat with a good opening for your ponytail. The vent above the buckle leaves plenty of room for this purpose, and you can be certain the buckle will not open or loosen on its own.

On the inside of the hat, along the base, you’ll find the true reason for wearing Headsweats gear: their iconic feature is the COOLMAX terry sweatband that does most of the sweat-absorbing work. It lines about an inch of the entire base circumference of the hat (minus where the buckle goes). I was impressed with how well it absorbed moisture and never found it necessary to lift the hat and wipe my face during my workouts. This is a huge plus, especially in hotter conditions where you can easily get sore spots next to your eyes from constantly wiping away the salt.Headsweats Reflective Hi-Vis Race Hat Review - Gearist


I often avoid wearing hats because any pressure on my temples quickly leads to a headache and I am wary of trapping too much heat. I had none of these issues with the race hat. The one-size option claims to fit most people and at the right radius, the hat is snug but neither pinches at the temples or pushes on the forehead. The arched bill also makes for a comfortable fit around the forehead.


Even without rinsing the hat after a few runs, I had yet to detect it smelling anything but new. When it does comes time to give the hat a thorough wash, it can be tossed into a washing machine without losing its shape.


Overall this hat is just plainly comfortable. At just 2 ounces, it is truly lightweight. Headsweats has a lot of design options, but I particularly love how visible I am wearing this hat. Add to that the fact that at $22, this is a good price for something you can truly use year-round.

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