Finding a high performance lens that fits my large head can be a challenge to say the least. (I wear an XL helmet folks). Most lenses I try pinch like crazy above my ears no matter how much or how gently I try to stretch them out. Then Rudy Project sent me the Ergomask- one of the lenses they are most excited about this season and I was Rudy Project Ergomask Review - Gearistawestruck.


The Ergomask comes in several different color frames and has interchangeable lenses that you can purchase additionally to cater towards bright or flat light. At a mere 1.2 oz (35 grams) these sunglasses are light as a feather on your face. Specifically engineered and designed for running and cycling (specifically triathlete’s) to provide unparalleled fit and optical superiority, the Rudy Project Ergomask is the next generation of sport sunglass. A seamless wrap around lens provides excellent peripheral vision while fully adjustable and thin temple tips and nose grips allow maximum customization and comfort. Made of either soft antiallergenic silicon or Megol®, the grips keep the glasses secure on your face and prevent them from sliding down your nose – a critical performance sunglass feature.

The sunglasses I was sent have the multilaser green lenses that boast only 20% light transmission and makes the world around you a pleasant pinkish color.


As I mentioned earlier, it’s tricky to find sunglasses that fit my big head and these fit like a dream. I tested out the Ergomask on both groomed ski trails for an intervalRudy Project Ergomask Review - Gearist session and backcountry on a snowshoe during a blizzard and they performed well in both conditions. I felt just about as cool as RudyProject athletes Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins while I was hammering up the hills loving how the sunglasses didn’t slide down my face, and wildly impressed by how little the lens fogged up even with my huffing and puffing as I skated down the trails.

One thing is for certain- these sunglasses are eye catching. The reflective lenses can be seen from a mile away, a feature I find appealing, but not great if you are into more subtle color schemes. A well-loved brand among cross country skiers, Rudy Project, impresses us again with the Ergomask. It is a great sunglass for xc skiers based on the fact that it is light weight, well-ventilated, completely adjustable to fit heads of all shapes and sizes and has the full face shield style that keeps my eyes dry and safe from falling snowflakes no matter how fast I fly down hills.


With a 3 year frame warranty, the ErgoMask ($225) is a worthwhile investment – if a bit on the pricey side – for the serious athlete or the outdoor enthusiast who is looking to step up their eye wear game. [Rudy Project]

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