The X-Scream 3D Citytrail shoe. Salomon sells this shoe to, “Run across a diverse urban landscape with a shoe that delivers 3D Fit, 3D Grip and 3D Ride.”, and even though I don’t know exactly what a 3D ride feels like… I do know that liked the way this shoe felt on my feet. I actually liked the X-Scream 3D so much, that after 2 “trial” runs, I decided it was the shoe I wanted to run my Ragnar Trail race in. I brought other shoes to change into, but throughout all three Ragnar legs, these Salomon’s never left my feet.

So let’s get down to it.


The sole of this shoe is made up with four different layers that all play into giving the shoe it’s 3D name.


(1) The layer closet to your foot travels the whole length of the foot and is made with 55C compressed EVA for cushioning purposes. This was felt and very appreciated on trails with all the bumps and rocks you can’t avoid. The EVA cushioning also comes in handy on downhill portions of trials where there is always so much extra force from gravity that often times, your feet take the beating.

Salomon X-Scream 3D Running Shoe Review - Gearist(2) 3D PROFEEL FILM is a layer that is on the sole in the shape of an X. The purpose of the PROFEEL FILM is to give a smooth ride to the shoes. Salomon doesn’t give much explanation beyond that, but I think the film provides extra protection to your feet without limiting the ground feel or flexibility of the shoe.

(3) The third layer down is more EVA, but this time 60C injected EVA and only is present on the heel portion of the shoe. This layer provides another layer of EVA where the shoe needs to absorb the brunt of your impact force. So when your foot strikes, this EVA is what contacts the ground first and give you some extra cushioning.

(4) The outsole is made with Salomon’s CONTAGRIP™ and this X-Scream design also has 3D Grip. The outsole is robust and designed to provide as much protection and traction as possible without sacrificing the flexibility and weight of the shoe. It is a strategically arranged outsole that doesn’t travel the length of the shoe, in fact, in some areas you can actually see the layers I just talked about. The tread is intricate and almost octagonal — it’s what gives you that 3D grip on trails, city streets, and where ever else you find yourself. The outsole extends over the toe of the shoe as well, giving your toes a little extra rock protection.

Lastly, the drop on the X-Scream is a bit on the high side with stack heights of 23mm in the heel and 13mm in the forefoot for a net drop of 10mm but it doesn’t really feel like it’s as high as it is.


The upper of this X-Scream 3D is designed with another of Salomon’s exclusive technologies called endoFIT™: “An internal fit sleeve designed to hug the forefoot and improve feedback and foot wrapping.”

Salomon Endofit System - Gearist

This design stuck out to me as one of the best things about this shoe. I absolutely loved how it felt while running, almost, dare I say… 3D?! Although, it is not unique to this particular shoe, it was the first time I had truly experienced what this lacing system could do for me. I was able to cinch down on the laces enough to where my foot felt snug and secure. But the majority of the snugness was around the ankle of my foot, not around my toe box (which could feel restrictive). This lacing system worked like a dream running downhill trails. In every other shoe I have, aggressive downhill running causes my foot to slide forward in the shoe, often paired with my toes jamming into the front of the shoe. EndoFIT™ completely eliminated this issue for me. I was able to book it down some downhill trails without feeling like I needed to compensate for my foot sliding forward into the toes. This lacing system locked my foot securely in place giving me much more control in my shoes.

The fabric of theX-Scream 3D’s upper is a mix between mesh with some bonded overlays to reinforce the structure. This creates a hardy and quality upper without causing it to be stiff. The mesh allows for great airflow and quick drying incase you decide to run through any puddles. The inside of the upper (and part of the endoFIT™ technology) is amazingly stretchy and soft. It hugs your foot while the laces cinch down, and although I’m a “sock runner”, barefoot runners would enjoy the comfort factor maybe even more. The heel counter is fairly stiff, which I like in my trail shoes. But Salomon does a great job creating cushion and soft fabric around the heel counter to counteract any potential rubbing that could arise.


This being a “citytrail” shoe, I expected the ride to be somewhat cushy. This is fairly accurate. In my opinion, it is nearly impossible to be both a perfect road shoe AND perfect trail shoe. I would choose this shoe as a trail shoe over a road shoe any day (to be fair, I would choose trail running over road running any day as well). I enjoy the softness of theX-Scream 3D on a trail — it’s easy to float and run over bumps and rocks in your path. But for pavement running, I tend to prefer a shoe that is more firm. Maybe if you have cobble stone running roads in your area (to which Salomon actually does market) this would be a great hybrid shoe.


I found the fit of the X-Scream 3D to be spot on. The shoe size runs normal and the toe box is a perfect width to provide your toes the room to expand and feel the ground when you need it. Also, as I explained in the upper, the endoFIT™ technology really works wonders to hold your foot securely no matter the terrain. The weight of the shoe is 255g (8.9 ounces), which isn’t the lightest of trail shoes on the market, but the thought that the shoes were too heavy never crossed my mind. I think since the X-Scream 3D’s fit so well, your body almost forgets you’re even wearing them. That being said, I am not an ultra-distance runner, and my longest run in these was around 7 miles. If you are looking to run longer distances, Salomon has other shoes that are specifically designed for that kind of adventure.

Salomon X-Scream 3D Running Shoe Review - Gearist


Overall, theX-Scream 3D is one of my favorite shoes. It could be just my first experience with endoFIT™, but either way, I am a fan. The whole shoe is made with quality materials and seems to be well thought out with all the outsole/midsole layers. At a buying price of $125, I think this shoe is a great value for someone who wants to get out on the trails without needing an super technical trail shoe.

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