There is nothing I love more in the summertime than running around barefoot.  However, sometimes whether doing yoga in the park, walking on a rocky beach or Stand Up Paddleboarding(SUPing), there are times when it’s nice to have a little protection on the soles of your feet.  From the moment I pulled the Sperry Topsider SON-R Flex Slip-On Shoe from it’s mesh bag, I was hooked – in fact I didn’t wear much else on my feet for about a week.


Sperry Topsider SON-R Flex Slip-On Shoe Review - GearistThe Sperry Topsider SON-R Flex Slip-On Shoe is a shoe that looks like a ballet flat from afar, but up close is a highly technical shoe made for getting wet. The patented SON-R Technology™ features a unique outsole design and removeable interactive foot bed which provides natural sensory feedback for greater stability and agility whether SUPing or moving through yoga positions. The outsole of the shoe has adaptive Wave-Siping™ which disperses water for improved traction on wet or dry surfaces. The shoe’s upper is made from a sandwich mesh(nylon/polyester/spandex blend) which is fast drying and low absorbing. This lightweight and ultra-flexible packable flat comes with a mesh carry sack and offers versatility and performance in a compact design that is perfect for ladies on the move.


Sperry Topsider SON-R Flex Slip-On Shoe Review - GearistI found these shoes to be true to size and incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  They are super lightweight, their sole is as grippy as they say and the insole is just cushy enough to add a little bit of relief between your foot and the ground without sacrificing any of the sensory ability your foot has to judge the type of surface it is on, or mobility during different activities.  My favorite thing about these shoes is how versatile they are.  I’ve worn them doing yoga outside, at work in a cafe, out with friends and was relieved when I found them stashed in my trunk when I was photographing a wedding and my other shoes were giving me blisters.  I highly recommend getting them in one of the more neutral shades, because then you really can dress them up or down.  I tested the grey ones pictured here and they have many a time passed as ordinary cute flats.  Another feature I adore is the fact that you can remove the insole of these shoes and wash them as needed as I found mine picked up a fair about of dirt off my bare feet.


At $75 the Sperry Topsider SON-R Flex Slip-On Shoe is a worthy purchase for any woman on the go, especially one who spends a lot of time in or near the water during the summer time.

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