You may have heard this before but it’s worth mentioning again here: If you run, you’re a runner. So whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone in your life who’s a runner, you could all use some running gear to get out and enjoy the activity that our bodies were made for. Below is some of our favorite gear to get you and yours out and running starting now and even into the warmer months!


NATHAN HALO FIRE RUNNER'S HEADLAMP | GearistSafety is a biggie when you’re running, especially during the short days and long nights of winter. The Halo Fire headlamp from Nathan Sports is designed specifically for runners and apart from being a lightweight package with up to 288 lumens of trail blazing light, this thing has features you didn’t even know you needed. First, the lamp tilts down to about a 45° angle in addition to light focused at different levels so you can see the ground and what’s in front of you. Also, the Halo Fire rocks RunWave technology – a hands-free way to change the settings on the light with the wave of your hand. Finally (though there are more features we don’t have time to mention until our full review) is the Halo Fire’s AutoStrobe which uses a built-in sensor to see when a vehicle with headlights is approaching and automatically triggers the safety strobe mode to let them know you’re there! [SHOP THE HALO FIRE HEADLAMP AT REI]


Based right near Gearist Headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, BOCO Gear has been rocking out some of the sweetest custom designedBOCO GEAR TECHNICAL TRUCKER HAT | Gearist headwear for a while now. This trucker hat is not only a great looking lid but it’s also ready for all the blood, sweat, tears and beers you can throw at it. Perfect for getting out on a run or just for casual hanging with friends, this hat has you covered. Also, if you’re looking for a cool design on one, keep an eye out very soon from a Gearist hat from BOCO Gear! [SHOP BOCO GEAR]


SUGOI WALLAROO TUKE | GearistMade from 100% Merino wool, the Wallaroo Tuke from Sugoi is the perfect hat for pretty much any outdoor activity. With a low-profile fit, this hat can easily go under a bike or snow helmet without bulking up the works. One the Merino side of things, this had is naturally antimicrobial (keeping away all the gross germs from your sweaty head) and keeps odor away for a remarkable long time. [SHOP THE SUGOI WALLAROO TUKE AT MOOSEJAW]


There are many of us guys out there who have bigger thighs, no mater how fit we are and for us, chafing is an issue. SAUCONY ISOFIT MEN'S COMPRESSION BOXER BRIEF | GearistThis is where the Saucony IsoFit compression boxer brief comes in. First, these undies have a 6″ inseam and come down well far enough to keep things gliding along nicely as do the lay-flat seams and double crotch gusset. Second, and almost just as important is the fabric from which these are made. It’s a premium tech mesh with a compression fit that rocks 11% X-Static XT2 which inhibits the growth of bacteria for permanent anti-odor and anti-microbial action. [SHOP THE ISOFIT BOXER BRIEF AT AMAZON]


LIFEPROOF FRĒ CASE FOR IPHONE 6S | GearistI don’t know about you but my life is spent as much outside as I can make it and much of that time isn’t very smartphone friendly. That’s kind of the impetus for Lifeproof in that it’s able to stand up to whatever your life can throw at it. In the case of the Frē for the iPhone 6S (which is also available for Samsung and Motorola smartphones), this thing is waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof and dropproof all of which is accomplished in a package that tips the scales at a measly 1.23 ounces (35 grams). Additionally, there is an available armband to make this perfect for runners or anyone else who wants their phone nearby but still out of the way. [SHOP LIFEPROOF FRĒ AT AMAZON]


The first reaction we hear when most people who haven’t tried Injinji’s before see them for the first time is something like, “Oh, I couldn’t INNJINJI RUN 2.0 LIGHTWEIGHT NO-SHOW NUWOOL SOCKS | Gearist
wear those. I hate having anything between my toes!” However, once they try them on and use them that quickly fades away and is replaced by exclamations of comfort and mow much they truly enjoy them. Not that we eschew other socks here at Gearist by any means but Injinji has been included among our favorites for quite a while now and for runners, this sock, the Run 2.0 with NuWool is ideal. The material is super lightweight while still maintaining the temperature regulation you’d expect from wool without any of the itch. Apart from that, these socks are very durable and resist odor, even after some super long and sweaty runs in them. We should also point out that Injinji does have heavier weight socks for those who need some extra warmth for chilly runs/adventures as well.

Look, if you haven’t tried Injinji’s because of some preconceived notion that you’re going to hate them, do us a favor and go for a run in them – just once. You’ll be surprised. [SHOP INJINJI AT ZAPPOS]


AW REFLECTIVE BUFF | GearistChances are, if you’re someone who spends any time at all outside then you have a Buff or at least know what a Buff is. In fact, even if you don’t have a Buff brand neck gaiter, you still call it a Buff just because that’s what it is! This season – and really all seasons – one of our faves is the AW Reflective Buff. This über-versatile version of the original Buff has a line of reflective material that runs top to bottom in a broken pattern to make the wearer more visible when the sun goes down. On top of that the Buff is embedded with Polygiene to stave off the nastiness that can often come with sweat. While this version is rated to 32°f/0°c by Buff, I find that for the purposes of running I don’t really want too much more. However, if you’re getting out and doing things like skiing where wind can be a factor, Buff has a lot of different options worth checking out to suit you! [SHOP BUFF AT BACKCOUNTRY]


We first showed you the Helly Hansen Norviz collection this past January at the SIA Snow Show in Denver. The cruz of this technology isHELLY HANSEN NORVIZ COLLECTION | Gearist taking the already high-performance Helly Hansen gear and embedding 360° reflectivity into it. Now you’re probably saying, “There are plenty of things with 360° reflectivity!” and you’re not wrong – however – with the Norviz collection Helly made a point of keeping the reflective elements hidden when they’re not being used. So, as you can see in the images, when you’re looking at the gear in normal light conditions you really don’t see anything remarkable about the reflectivity, BUT when you turn out the lights and hit the items with something like a camera flash or the headlights from a vehicle, they light up like crazy in a broken pattern that not only catche the eye with light but also with the pattern itself. DOPE! [SHOP HELLY HANSEN NORVIZ AT AMAZON | MOOSEJAW]


NIKE FRACTUAL 5" RUNNING SHORTSNot everyone reading this likes to run outside when it’s cold nor does everyone live where it even gets cold and for those people – not to mention those of us who are planning ahead for spring and summer running already – we want to show you a super high-quality running short that we think it the perfect gift for the runner in your life (or for you!). The Fractual 5″ short from Nike is made from 100% Dri-FIT fabric to keep things comfy. The 5″ inseam doesn’t fall into the “short shorts” category but it’s definitely a pure running short that allows the leg to move completely freely without pulling. The Fractual shorts also sport a built-in compression brief to keep things nicely in place and comfortable on your runs. They’re a bit on the higher pice end of running shorts but the quality is way up there so it’s a solid investment and if you’ve got a problem, just give Nike a shout! [SHOP THE FRACTUAL SHORTS AT BACKCOUNTRY]


So, we’ve established that you’re a runner, right? Now that you’re out there putting in all these amazing miles (or kilometers if you’re pretty much anywhere on the planet outside the US and UK) you might want to know where you’ve been and have some cool data to look at after you’re done. Enter the Suunto Ambit3 Sport. This watch is a complete multisport unit that can track your running, swimming, hiking, cycling and a bunch of other things while at the same time, having enough battery life to make it a daily wear watch (of course, battery life depends on how much you’re using it to track your workouts). It can also sync up with your smartphone to track information via the Suunto Movescount app as well as letting you know about messages coming through on the phone. This device did have a few kinks in the software when it first came out but since then, software updates have fixed many of the issues. IF you plan on using this for cycling you should know that it only uses Bluetooth and not ANT+. [SHOP THE SUUNTO AMBIT3 SPORT AT REI]

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