I’m a runner…a runner who loves to run outside. In any kind of weather. That being said, there is one obstacle that I have had trouble with and that is ice. I can adjust my pace and apparel and deal with pretty much anything that comes along, but with ice there is always the potential for injury. When I was asked to review the Kathoola NANOSpikes I was so excited! Testing a product to help tackle the ice problem…yes please! I have recently moved to Denver,CO from Chesapeake, VA and I am loving the all that it has to offer. The terrain and weather are so different here. There are so many trails to run on and explore and the weather is just as diverse! It is late January right now and the running conditions are a bit sketchy with all of the freezing and thawing, especially on the trails. There is a lot of mud, slush and tons of ice. So…being the runner that I am, all of those things appeal to me…maybe I’m weird, but I look at it all as a fun adventure! I want to be outside!!

Kahtoola NANOspikes Review | GearistMy first run in the NANOSpikes was on a path around the park near my house. It was hard packed snow that had been walked on and had turned to a lumpy icy mess. I had carried the spikes (attached to my running vest) to the path to avoid running with them on the pavement. They fold up small, are super light weight and even come with a carrying pouch. The stretchy rubber made pulling them on over my sneakers very easy and quick. It took no time at all and I was off and running! There are 10 tungsten carbide spikes for each foot. 6 in the forefoot and 4 around the heel. I am more of a forefoot runner and felt very confident with each step as the spikes dug into the snow/ice and allowed for a nice push off. They are comfortable to wear, very low profile, light (3.75oz each) and I hardly felt them on my feet! I wear a size 8.5 running shoe and the size small fits perfectly.

Kahtoola NANOspikes Review | GearistFeeling confident I could handle the ice now, it was time to hit the trails. We headed into Boulder and ran the Mesa trail. Again, I was very impressed with how the NANOSpikes performed! Having traction on the ups and downs of the trails is a must. I felt completely at ease with a sure foot through the mud, slush and best of all, the ice. I had peace of mind that my foot was going to stay put and allow me to stay upright! It is very freeing to know that you are not limited to only running in ideal conditions. Having traction in the mountains has brought so much joy to my winter running. There is so much beauty out there and so much exploring to do! No excuses, right?


So far, I have run about 60 trail miles using the Kathoola NANOSpikes and they are holding up very well. At $40, I can’t imagine winter running without them. The price is right, they are low profile & very easy to carry along and use. Like I said before…I will run in anything and having the spikes makes that possible!


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