We all know how helmet retention systems work, right? Whether you ride a bike, ski or you’re just used to strapping a helmet onto your kid’s head, you know that the standard is a dial attached to a halo-like piece of coated cable, kevlar or something of the like. With the Range MIPS snow helmet Giro turns helmet retention and custom fit on it’s ear with a helmet whose entire shell molds to your head.

On top of its fantastic new retention system, the Giro Range MIPS includes (as the name would indicate) MIPS – Milti-directional Impact Protection System. This system has been proven over and over to slow impact and rotational forces and save the neck and head of wearers. All this adds up to one hell of a ski or snowboard helmet!

For the peak of technology, what would you be willing to spend on a snow or even a bike helmet? Tell us in the comments!

Read our full review of the Giro Range MIPS at: http://bit.ly/rangemips

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