Sauce Active is a USA based brand that produces just about every soft, stretchy material accessory you might need for winter activities. Their products are created from solution-driven designs based on extensive outdoor and elite athletic experience, taking comfort, functionality and fit to a new level! All Sauce Active products are made in the USA including the majority of raw materials. The products are easy to care for, reflective and comfortable! We have been testing a number of Sauce’s products this fall and early winter and have selected a few of our favorites to tell you more about! Bottom-line, if you don’t have a piece of theirs yet, you should add that to your new year’s resolutions!



We tested three of Sauce’s Headbands, the Swift, Ventilator and Insulator, each offering a different level of warmth depending on your adventure.

gpowers161017_99The SWIFT HEADBAND is ideal for cool fall mornings and warm winter days – or anyone who’s head likes to overheat while running or xc skiing in the wintertime (like me!) The just-right 3”(7.5 cm) width protects the ears and forehead, wicks away sweat,and keeps hair out of the way for an enjoyable workout. The headband tapers at the back in a more feminine style for a smooth fit under hair and over ears and is thin enough you could use it to keep hair back at the gym or yoga class without your head overheating.

gpowers161226_29Taking it up a notch, for cooler outdoor days, Measuring 4”(10 cm) wide and lined with Polartec® Power Dry®, the VENTILATOR HEADBAND offers the best in moisture management, just-right warmth for high-intensity exercise, and ideal coverage for protection from the elements. Where the Swift Headband has a more feminine cut, the Ventilator looks equally great on men, women and youths! This is my go-to headband for a cold winter run or xc ski – it multitasks well, retaining heat and breathability at the same time. This headband fits well underneath a helmet as well!
gpowers161017_106For super chilly days, or maybe a sledding or dog-walking adventure, the INSULATOR HEADBAND is wide and fully lined with Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece for maximum winter warmth. Ideal for lower intensity activities on warmer winter days, or higher intensity exercise on really cold days, this headband will keep you cozy and looking great! My head temp is often too high for this headband while working out but the fleece is crazy soft and I often keep it in my bag to change into after exercise.


Toques (Hats)

Two of our favorite hats from Sauce Active are the Swift Toque and the Chill Toque.

gpowers161212_26One of the most popular items in the Sauce lineup is the Swift Toque.  Designed for aerobic winter activities, the SWIFT TOQUE (toque, rhymes with duke) is Sauce Active’s most versatile product: lightweight and ideal for moderate to high intensity exercise in temperatures as low as 15˚F (-10˚C). Out of all of the items from Sauce that we tested, the Swift Toque came out on top(not that there was a competition of course).  The fabric is super soft and offers just the right amount of protection from the elements during higher intensity skis, runs or hikes on warmer winter days.  Once the temperature drops into the teens, however, I reach for my Chill Toque.

gpowers160928_20Ideal for chilly weather or chilling out, the Polartec® Power Stretch ® fleece-lined CHILL TOQUE is one of the warmer pieces in the Sauce collection.The unique SWIRL CLOSURE at the top of the hat provides an escape for excess heat, a hole for a high ponytail, and eliminates pointy seams. Available in two sizes so large-headed people like me can celebrate being able to order a M/L that fits super comfortably! I always have my Chill Toque stashed in my bag to change into after a fast ski or sweaty hike on cold winter days.  The more casual version of the Chill, the Slouchy offers the same comfy, warm technology but in a more casual style that we highly recommend as well (Image below).



The Bandora

gpowers161226_27The BANDORA has to be one of the most unique pieces we tested this year.  It is a thick tube of fabric designed to be worn under your top layers and over your pants.  It sits just above your hips and looks like a long cami peeking out.  360 degree surrounding pockets allow you to comfortably, seamlessly and securely stash your essentials. The snug fit is more comfortable than constrictive and keeps it in place during jogging, gym workouts or casual wear.  I work in a photo studio in NYC and when I’m not wearing this out on the trails it’s the only way I can wear leggings to work on particularly strenuous days because I have to have pockets to stash my phone, keys, pens and walkie talkie.  When I am done with my work day the Bandora transitions perfectly to a workout accessory.


Flurry Tight

gpowers161226_24Another new this year from Sauce Active, the FLURRY TIGHTS offer women something unique. They have quilted fleece panels in cold-weather sensitive areas. Meaning that the tush and thighs are lined with soft cozy fleece, while the areas less prone to numb in cold weather remain unlined. These tights also feature two secure thigh pockets, a drawstring, and 360˚reflectivity for dark winters. I’ve tested these on hiking and skiing trails in chilly and less chilly temps and really love the way they fit and insulate parts of my legs that usually go numb while cross country skiing or hiking.  The zippered pockets are great for a tissue or two, keys, credit card/license etc… though I wish the zippers were a little lower key as they are a little bulky.  The pants come in several different prints and all are machine washable.  I’m excited to get some good use out of these this winter!


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