Cincinnati, OHSustainable Down Source, the ethical, innovative and sustainable solution for bulk down, and creator of DownTek™ — the revolutionary hydrophobic and quick-drying down technology today announced that Minnesota-based Enlightened Equipment, a leader in the ultralight market, is the first US company to integrate DownTek™ ZeroPFC™ throughout their entire down product line.

DownTek™ ZeroPFC™ was born from a commitment to providing customers with the very best in performance down while keeping in mind its environmental impact. DownTek™ ZeroPFC™ is a perfluorocarbon-free water repellent down that uses an innovative, nature-inspired approach to achieving water repellency. Instead of perfluorocarbons, DownTek™ ZeroPFC™ uses lipids – an idea derived from nature – to coat the down and render it highly water-repellent.

“Enlightened Equipment is the first US-based company to use DownTek™ Zero PFC throughout their entire down line”, said Daniel Guigui, President of Downtek. “We are super proud to announce this partnership as this technology was designed around the trend-setting environmental demands coming out of Europe. As it turns out, a boutique, hand-made company from Winona, Minnesota is first to market with it. The brand name fits; they are truly enlightened.

“We are proud to announce that we now use DownTek ZeroPFC in our entire down-filled product line, which encompasses a range of premium, ultra lightweight sleep systems, including quilts and sleeping bags”, said Tim Marshall, Founder of Enlightened Equipment. “Sourcing our down responsibly and using technology that is the benchmark for environmental sustainability is imperative to our brand. We care deeply about the sensitivity of the environment and the wild places we love to explore.”

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