The original version of the Hoka One One Speedgoat missed the mark for us. Big time. We won’t belabor the point here too much but let’s just say that while we found the ride to be a lot of fun, the fit of the upper and some consistently annoying blistering turned us off. If you’d like to read our original review, give a click here: Now, however, Hoka One One has launched the Speedgoat 2 and, to us, this is such a vastly different shoe so we won’t be doing too much comparing between the versions. So did things get better?

It’s not often that we find ourselves patting a brand on the back quite so enthusiastically but in the case of the Speedgoat 2, Hoka One One certainly deserves it. With the first version we were one of a chorus of voices asking for a lot of improvements and while it could easily have been that Hoka went to the drawing board by themselves without any consideration to those of us looking for improvement it sure looks like they instead took the feedback given and ran (pardon the pun) with it. The Speedgoat shoe isn’t simply a much-improved shoe, it’s a good shoe regardless of the leaps and bounds it has made in its evolution.

For this improvement, you are still going to pay the same price as with version one which, if you’re familiar with Hoka One One, won’t come as a surprise. At $140, we feel like while it is pricey, it’s not overly so. We’d love to hear what you think of the improvements in version two of the Speedgoat to see other perspectives of how things have changed!

Have you ever tried a product and disliked it but still found yourself giving a later version a try only to be pleasantly surprised? Tell us in the comments!

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