Today we’re going to be going in depth with the adidas ultraBOOST X. While the name certainly conjures up images of propulsion and movement, it could just as easily be called “Ultracomfort”. From top to bottom and front to back, everything about this shoe is built for comfort. But it doesn’t just leave comfort as its guiding principle – this shoe is a performance drive shoe that will make even seasoned runners notice a thing or two.

As tends to be the case with Adidas much of the time the ultraBOOST X is a bit pricey coming in at $180. It is a solid road shoe that has a place in my arsenal for short tempo runs and speedwork. Based on the feel though, if this shoe brings you the comfort it’s capable of, we can see it being something you could easily wear all the way up to the marathon distance. If you are looking for comfort and bounce this shoe has plenty of it – for a price.

What do you do if you wind up with a shoe that you love for so many reasons but can’t use for a single reason? Tell us in the comments!

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