This was Lori’s first run in a Mizuno running shoe (she feels like she’s said that a lot recently, but when you’re the newly minted run category manager, that’s bound to happen!). As it turns out though, this is the first Mizuno Wave Daichi with broad release in the US (though version 1 was released overseas) so we’re all in the same boat of mostly not having run in this shoe before. With all that – possibly unnecessary – backstory, let’s see if this shoe can hold up to the trails it’s meant to.

The Mizuno Wave Daichi 2 is a solid trail shoe albeit a bit built up and stiff though it is comfortable and durable. Lori thinks that it could be a great addition to your “tool box” if you find yourself needing a versatile shoe. At $130 it certainly reflects the overall uptick in running shoe pricing we’ve been watching but I think that for many – especially Mizuno running loyalists – the price is likely worth it.

How stiff – or not stiff – do you like your trail running shoes? Tell us in the comments!

Check out the Mizuno Wave Daichi 2 at the links below!*

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