Climb the highest mountain (or hill) in your state

1.Gearist is based in Colorado and as you probably know, we have no shortage of mountains here. The highest of our towering beauties is┬áMount Elbert which rises 14,433 (4,399 meters) above sea level. The views from that height are breathtaking and the journey to get there can be just as amazing. While most geologists define a mountain as a landform which rises at least 1,000 feet above sea level, tagging the peak of the highest point in a state is a pretty cool bucket-list item (we’re lookin’ at you Florida). So, this summer, take a hike up the highest point in as many states as you can! Click HERE for a list.

Brandon Wood

Born and raised in the great state of Virginia, Brandon is a former opera singer (true story) who’s had the outdoors flowing through his veins since day one. Brandon now lives in Colorado with his daughter Sydney (AKA, Baby Gearist).

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