Forage for your food

5.So, what exactly is foraging? Simply put, foraging is the act of searching for – and hopefully finding – wild food resources. This can mean finding things like wild plants and berries to munch on or, if you’re an omnivore, even nibbling on some hand-caught fish or meat and the occasional insect. Lest you think that this means you’re eating all these things in their raw state, fear not! Build yourself a fire (subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE for an upcoming fire-building video) and cook up your delectable treasures! By the way, before you go grabbing random plants and animals for your backwoods munchies, definitely make sure you know what you’ve got, otherwise, you may be “that girl or guy I used to know who tried foraging that one time”! GUIDE TO FORAGING

Brandon Wood

Born and raised in the great state of Virginia, Brandon is a former opera singer (true story) who’s had the outdoors flowing through his veins since day one. Brandon now lives in Colorado with his daughter Sydney (AKA, Baby Gearist).

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