Cook a meal over a campfire

8.If we could rewind time to the first time man discovered fire, it’s probably a safe bet that – right after lighting farts on fire while the lady cave-dwellers shook their heads in disgust – that they used this fire to cook. Since that time we’ve obviously evolved by leaps and bounds but cooking over an open fire remains one of the most satisfying and primal experiences we can have as humans. This summer, while you’re camping (in the free camping areas you read about earlier!) light that roaring campfire and use it to cook some delicious food. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or a straight-up carnivore, there are a ton of recipes you can cook over those wonderful flames at this link: CAMPING RECIPES ON PINTEREST

Brandon Wood

Born and raised in the great state of Virginia, Brandon is a former opera singer (true story) who’s had the outdoors flowing through his veins since day one. Brandon now lives in Colorado with his daughter Sydney (AKA, Baby Gearist).

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