Salomon S/Lab Sonic 2 Review

When we say Salomon running shoes you say…probably trail, right? In the past few years, Salomon has actually been dipping their toes into the road running market and with typical Salomon panache, they’ve built shoes that are not just for fun, but for some serious kicking of ass. Today they shoe we’re going to talk about is the big daddy of Salomon’s road running fleet – the Salomon S/Lab Sonic 2.

Some people are critical of reviewers who don’t really have anything negative to say about a given piece of gear (we do have a bit of a thing with this shoe so hold your horses) but if we’re being honest, we don’t really have any problems with the construction, fit, quality or performance of the Salomon S/Lab Sonic 2. This is a great shoe and we think you’d be good to go with distance from 5K to marathons and beyond. Now that that’s been said, the price of this shoe, as with all S/Lab shoes (and other gear) is quite steep at $180. If you’re shocked by that then you likely haven’t seen prices on other S/Lab shoes before. It’s an expensive shoe but there are others in the Salomon road running line which bring a lot of the same or similar technologies to the table with a more approachable price tag.

Again, the Salomon S/Lab Sonic 2 is a fantastic shoe and we think that it does a wonderful job of balancing performance and comfort from both sides. While it is expensive, it could be the shoe that you find as good as we do and that may just be worth it.

If you there was a shoe that was absolutely perfect for you, how much would you be willing to pay for it? Tell us in the comments!

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