Black Diamond Equipment Orbit

The Orbit from Black Diamond Equipment is one of those things that many of us take for granted until we need it. This little and ridiculously light (3 ounces without batteries) lantern makes a big statement in it’s deservedly Napoleonic tendencies. Putting out 45 lumens at it’s maximum with an adjustable dimmer, the Orbit also sports a collapsible hook for hanging and dual reflector for optimum lighting. At $29.95, this is certainly a case of a lot of bang for your buck and a perfect stocking stuffer. [LINK]

Blue Seventy Carbon Race Goggles

I have often said that if you could make toilet paper out of carbon fiber that triathletes would buy it. With their Carbon Race goggles, Blue Seventy is coming ever closer to that day. It’s not that I don’t see the value in having lightweight goggles, but based on their strength argument I’m not sure I understand either. I have been swimming in Swedish goggles (extremely no frills) for the past 20+ years and I have never had a pair break (straps yes, lenses no) even upon being hit in the face. Oh well, if you build it they will come…at the insane price of $100 (my goggles cost about $4). [[LINK]]

Oval Concepts Aero Cap

Our second foray into the “is that really necessary” topic this week is the Aero Cap from Oval Concepts. I have to admit that I might just answer yes on this one. Yes, it’s an add on and yes, it’s one more attempt at getting lighter and more aerodynamic, but it’s still a fairly inexpensive way to accomplish these things. Touted by Oval to “Clean up dirty air coming off the back of the stem”, it’s designed to fit certain Oval stems but plays nice with many others as well (non oval). Also, at $50 it’s a bit more budget friendly than the goggles above. [[LINK]]

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