Booby Bracer Sports Bra from LululemonSports Bras. Big Boobs. Endurance athlete. Like most folks, you’d think that nary shall these three meet. However, there are quite a few busty gals (like myself) out there who compete in marathons and triathlons and for years have had to double up on ‘regular’ sports bras or endure products which seem to think that the more “bullet-proof” they are, the less the ta-tas will move and us busty gals will be just fine with that (even if we look/feel like we have a chastity belt around our chest).

Thankfully, a few companies like Lululemon have realized that curvy, competitive athletes are out there and we are searching for performance, style and dammit, we want to be comfortable too.  My first impression of the Booby Bracer was how untypical it looked and felt.  This bra is meant to be the answer for us gifted women who are looking to really and truly exercise at a high level of intensity.

First-instructions. Really? I was a bit miffed (not new to the world of athletic apparel here) but I discovered that the instructions are meant to be read. Don’t get discouraged-shaking your girls into the cupsBooby Bracer Sports Bra from Lululemon actually makes a difference. Second-the smooth, nearly seamless, bonded construction is a look I have never seen before in a sports bra designed for bigger chests. Third, this bra is customizable with hooks at the shoulders (!) and four rows of hook and eye closures at the back, so even if you have a narrower torso and shoulders, this bra can still work for you.

Shaking the boobs into the Booby Bracer isn’t nearly as traumatic as you might think-I feel like us ladies with bigger chests have been doing this for years. It IS a tight fit-but after having to deal with sports bras stretching out and wondering if my chest was going to somehow ‘slip out’ from underneath-I welcomed this change.  I also liked how smooth the fabric is accompanied by truly light molding, made me feel like my girls weren’t stepping into place on pre-set stage like they do with most ‘full-size’ bras. If you’re like me, when you look at a bra, you hate the feeling that the contoured-cup bra could stand up on it’s own-this one definitely doesn’t. The fabric is slim, yet compact, with a no “headlights” effect, and no chafing!

Booby Bracer Sports Bra from LululemonThe hook and eye closures at the back are a little bit more typical of the classic bra than sports bra and the non-racer back style threw me for a loop. Many of my running shirts, especially for racing/triathlon are racer back, so the straps sticking out on my shoulders did limit my wardrobe choices for shirts. I think a great update would be to incorporate the racer back style found in the ‘smaller chest’ bras into this one-it’s one thing that I think might be a limiter for this style. However, the hook and eye at the shoulders-truly unique. So many bras use Velcro as an adjustment at the shoulders, which as we all know, will eventually wear out and can come ‘undone’.  I definitely felt more secure with this feature than I have in many other bras. I hope Lululemon comes out with an update that combines this awesome feature with a racer back style!

I put the Lululemon sports bra to the test in every way I could think of-yoga, rock climbing, a half marathon and even cycling. I have to say, it didn’t disappoint. Although a bit more pricey than the standard sports bra, this is an investment very much worth making.


Brandon Wood

Born and raised in the great state of Virginia, Brandon is a former opera singer (true story) who’s had the outdoors flowing through his veins since day one. Brandon now lives in Colorado with his daughter Sydney (AKA, Baby Gearist).

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