Recently, a friend of mine posed a question to her friends on Facebook wondering if there really was merit to the silicon wedding bands she’d recently been seeing in a bunch of ads. Many people had comments to add and almost all of them were advocating for the rings. I made a comment myself in which I told a quick story of a time when I WASN’T wearing a silicon ring.(BY THE WAY: We’re working on a giveaway with Qalo on our YouTube channel so be sure to SUBSCRIBE!)

Qalo Ring Review | GearistCome with me, if you will, all the way back to March of 2016. On that day I headed to Beaver Creek in search of some fresh pow in hidden glades on a stunning day with bluebird skies. Finding powder in the trees was tricky and I often found myself in narrow pathways with quite skied-out snow. In one such area, I made a move to turn to the left and my skis didn’t quite hold the turn as much as I’d have liked and I had to stop myself against an Aspen tree very abruptly. While I didn’t think much about it at the time (and kept on skiing) my fingers on my right hand felt a bit jammed – including the ring finger on that hand on which I wear my Masonic ring (that’s right, kids, I’m a Freemason!).

Upon getting back to my car and removing my gloves, I was greeted by a ring finger which was easily the size of my thumb and all different shades of bruised. Try as I might, the tungsten ring on that finger would not budge. I drove home and directly to a nearby fire station whose crew busted out their ring-cutting tool (pictured to the right) which they applied and quickly realized that tungsten simply laughed off the tool. Together we decided that going to a jeweler was probably the best course of action and I headed to a local shop to get things sorted. (Before anyone suggests it, I did try the “string trick” with the ring with the fire department as well, but that didn’t work at all).

Upon explaining my predicament to the jeweler – and watching my finger grow progressively larger – they had just the tool to set things right. However, the ring I wore would be no more. Tungsten is a metal which is incredibly strong and cut-resistant BUT, it is also quite brittle and where other metals would bend, tungsten cracks. I inserted my beleaguered finger into the ring cracker tool (left). After a few twists of the vice wheel, I heard the first crack but saw nothing. Two more twists and the ring exploded into about a hundred┬ásmaller pieces. Sadly, no more ring, but I’ve still got all ten fingers.

So why am I telling you this long story? Because I honestly wish I was wearing a silicon ring. Even in the worst case scenario I might have had to cut the ring but that’s simply a pair of scissors or a knife and it’s more likely that I could just stretch the ring enough to get it over my swollen phalange.


Qalo (pronounced KAY-low) rings are made entirely from medical-grade silicone which is super durable, water and fireproof as well as being mildew-resistant. Upon picking up a Qalo ring for the first time, what struck me most was the almost imperceptible weight of the thing. True, most rings don’t weight very much, but this is next-level. In addition to the weight, the ring disappears on your hand. Now, of course, this could depend on the style which you choose as some rings sit off the finger more than others.

About the look and design of the rings; there is always the classic wedding band looking ring. This ring has a smooth transition to the finger and comes in a good selection of colors including special editions for the U.S. Military, Lupus and a collection called Barbells for Boobs which promotes early detection of breast cancer.

Apart from the traditional┬áring, the bands come in a lot of styles, some of which I’ve included below since explaining them all would probably be a lot more boring than simply looking at cool pictures, so here ya go!

women’s styles

men’s styles


How exactly does a ring “perform”? At Gearist we decided to measure performance based on some very simple factors which are:


Is it noticeable?


Does it stain?


Is it durable?

The fact is that Qalo rings are extremely light. It’s not like typical, metal rings are heavy but these are next level. Once on your hand, even if you’re not used to wearing a ring, it just seems to disappear. Now, of course, some rings that sit off the hand a bit more, such as the women’s Crossover style may be a bit more obvious at first but in all our testers, the rings just seemed to go away.

Not that we noticed. Like, at all. In our testing, this was worn washing dishes, taking out the trash, rock climbing, working on bikes – and their greasy gearing, building and tending to campfires and pretty much anything else you might come across in your daily routine (or not-so-routine) and nobody saw anything that couldn’t simply be washed away. Now with that said, we do have one more test which we’re going to be including here soon and that is the dreaded tree sap test. I’m fairly certain that some sap was around while building fires but we want to put it in some sap and see EXACTLY what happens so check back soon!

Well, yes! Probably the biggest thing with Qalo rings is their sort of duality; With day-to-day use, they’re incredibly durable but, when called on to give up its life by being cut or broken, it’s right there to sacrifice. In the story I described earlier, I’d have loved to be able to stretch my ring over my very swollen finger. Or, in some sort of worst case scenario, I easily could have cut the ring and not been out hundreds (and potentially thousands) of dollars.

Another part of Qalo that I like is the ability to customize the rings. For several styles, you can choose an engraving of some text or an available pattern. This offers people the opportunity to make a ring more catered to their taste. However, there is no option as of now to go completely custom (i.e. uploading your own designs and such). I know this because I asked if I could get a ring with the square and compasses (Masonic symbol) which is not among their options as of now and I was told that there would have to be a rather large order (or demand) for that to happen but I’d assume that we may see the ability to do something like that one of these days!


It would not be surprising at all if silicon rings such as Qalo became our everyday wedding or decorative rings with our more formal rings being reserved for more formal events like date nights, church, weddings, etc. Now, of course, there are a large number of people who wouldn’t really be down with that because they like their shiny jewelry and that’s completely understandable but if you’re active, it’s kind of a no-brainer.

Finally, the price of Qalo silicone rings. The most expensive ring in the Qalo line (as of this review) is $40 and there are several of their designs for as little as $20. Even if you just wear the ring sometimes, it’s kind of a no-brainer for anyone who uses their hands – especially if you’re rough on jewelry. Check out Qalo at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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