Bumbleride Indie Running Stroller Review

by | Mar 26, 2020

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At Gearist, we can want to make sure that you have all the information possible. With that in mind, we have a full-on, comprehensive review, chock-full of everything you need to know about the Bumbleride Indie. So wash that bottle, grab a cup of much-needed coffee, and settle in.

When you first leave the hospital with a newborn, it’s almost impossible to imagine that exercise will ever have the prominent place in your life that it once did. After all, you’re barely able to walk up a flight of stairs or muster the strength to get a onesie over a screaming, wriggling newborn—how in world will you have the nerve to wear running shorts (that’s a different discussion) never mind get out for a jog? Combine that with the craziness that’s urban life and it all might seem too overwhelming.

As a new mom in New York City, I can tell you that 1) the stairs do get easier 2) the screaming abates (at least until teething begins) 3) the shorts fit (or you just get new ones!) and 4) leaving he apartment/walking/training for a race IS possible (and fun) with the Bumbleride Indie stroller.

From those early days when getting down the street to the drugstore or around the block the post office is a victory to the more adventurous weeks when my husband and I sought to tackle parks and supermarkets, the Bumbleride Indie stroller was a sleek, lightweight, and versatile companion.

As always, when it comes to exercise and jogging with your child, please consult with your doctor and pediatrician.


Exterior: 50% recycled PET
Interior: 50% bamboo charcoal
We love the color and the soft materials of the canopy.  The shoulder padding could be a little sturdier; we felt it was a bit flimsy when my son leaned his face to the side while napping (a happy occurrence during a training run.) Just a bit more structure to the shoulder would be a great improvement.

Five-point harness: The adaptability and the safety combination are a big win for us. We felt more comfortable knowing our son was as secure as possible while also knowing that as he gets older, we can adjust the straps easily as he grows.


Since we’re new parents, we were a little unsure of ourselves and wanted to make extra-sure that we were doing this right!

Although I didn’t love the black and white photos in the owner’s manual—they were a little too dark and unclear for me—the actual assembly of the Bumbleride Indie was straightforward when we just put it together. 

Also, I think having the written instructions next to the photos would be a great update! There is a lot of great information in the owner’s manual, but it gets a little lost when you flip back and forth from photo page to instruction page.

Car Seat Compatibility

  • Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 32
  • Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 35
  • Graco SnugRide Click Connect 40
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30
  • Chicco Keyfit 30
  • Combi Shuttle
  • Baby Trend Flex Loc
  • Britax Chaperone

With its universal car seat adapter, getting back into exercising can start as soon as you want it to (and the doctor gives the ok!). We loved that we could introduce gentle exercise and fitness into our son’s life right away. Our Chicco Keyfit 30 fit in like a breeze. Please note: As per owner’s manual, never jog/run with a car seat in the Bumbleride Indie.


Width: 24.5”
Length: 36”
Height: 34.5”

Folded Dimensions: 32″L x 24.5″ W x 15″H

Many moms commented to me on how slim and sleek this jogging stroller looked compared to several other versions that they have tried! At just 24.5-inches wide, the Indie is almost an inch narrower in comparison to similar high-end jogging strollers. While an inch doesn’t seem like much, it means everything whether you’re navigating through a narrow grocery store or trying to enjoy the sunshine in the chaos that is Central Park in the spring.

Since we live in a one-bedroom apartment where space is at more of a premium than ever, we definitely appreciated the folded length of the Bumbleride Indie at just 32-inches.


Product Weight: 20 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 45 lbs.

At 20 lbs, the Bumbleride Indie is a comparable weight to other jogging strollers, if not a bit lighter. Living in a 2 floor walk-up, every pound makes a difference. Now that my son is almost 20 lbs. himself, I appreciate this even more.

Oh the Places You’ll Go! (also known as where we tested the Bumbleride Indie):

My husband and I wanted to use the stroller in a full complement of settings, so we made sure we lived life as normally as possible and took it everywhere we wanted it (and our son) to go:

  • New York City Streets
  • Central Park
  • crowded grocery stores/narrow aisles of Fairway and Westside Market
  • Lake Placid
  • Playground sand
  • the trunk of a Subaru WRX
  • In the sunshine (and the inevitable rain)

Since I’m training for some shorter running races as well as the New York City triathlon, getting training in is key, whenever I can do it and more often than not, my son is along for the ride. Add to that that my husband, who also coaches and trains used this stroller too—we took the Bumbleride Indie for quite the trip!

Biggest features for me:

-The 360-degree locking front wheel: Makes transitioning from navigating tight street corners (one-hand, ma!) to smoothly going into a steady run a breeze. The locking front wheel is essential when jogging so that a quick turn or curve of the park doesn’t cause the front wheel to turn and make the stroller unbalanced and tip. A quick flick engages the front wheel lock.

-The peek-through screen: When I was running, I often checked to see if my son was napping or comfortable. The mesh screen, with its roll-up flap, small hook, and Velcro closure makes it easy to take a peek while moving.

-The wide WIDE SPF 45 sun canopy and the zipper pocket at the back: The smaller zippered pocket is located perfectly near the adjustable handlebar, so you don’t have to fumble for the essentials when lifting your child out. The large canopy is invaluable rain OR shine. The canopy easily flexes forward to minimize sun exposure or protect your child from an unexpected deluge.

-Foot brake: When I stop, my feet stop. That’s why I think it makes the most sense for the brake on the Bumbleride Indie to be located where I am stopping: right near my feet. Just a quick flip up and I’m off and mobile again.

-Bumper bar and adjustable footrest: We definitely felt more comfortable putting our son in a jogging stroller at a younger age with the adjustable footrest to keep him a bit more contained. The bonus? It and the bumper bar means we’ll (and he’ll) be able to enjoy and be safe in this stroller even when he’s more active and mobile.

-The cargo basket: Fits diaper bag nicely (you never know when you’ll need to do an unexpected change or feed). We also used it to fit a small laundry bag and a little grocery shopping too! A family that does chores together, stays together, right?

-The cup holder: Hydration is never more important than when you’re a new parent + a parent training for an athletic event! Although I loved the idea behind including a cup holder on the arm of the stroller, its placement seems off and I just ended up removing it entirely instead of placing it back on after unfolding the Bumbleride Indie. Would definitely love to get this feature back on!

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with the Bumbleride Indie! It’s a sleek style that will complement any athletic parent’s life—from the burgeoning walker/runner to the experienced Ironman

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