Launch Snowboards ECO Board Review

by | Mar 26, 2020

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3…2…1… ignition, lift off!” As corny as this may sound, these were the thoughts flying through my mind as I stared down at my ECO board, intermittently seeing the space shuttle printed amongst the board’s bamboo, flying through bursts of freshies at Schweitzer Mtn, Idaho.  As a North Idaho gal and lifelong snow sports enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to ride many types of boards, for better and for worst (and yes I have even ridden a 90’s Burton single tipped dinosaur), but the chance to ride the ECO was truly a treat!

This symphony of shredding excellence is not only sexy in appeal, but screams in performance. Launch’s Renew Core made from bamboo, a fast growing, super light and very strong grass that keeps you feeling green, proves itself valiantly as it blasts through the pow. Launch has also incorporated their Launch Dampening System. This unique vibration control truly works hard for you every turn by keeping away those annoying trembles and vibrations that take your focus away from whats really important… shredding hard. Not only does the LDS provide a level of comfort and control which can truly be felt, it also protects the board from breaking apart much like shocks on a car.

As a directional twin tipped board with great pop, it is easy to say that this board is perfect for any mountain endeavors, but is best tested in deep powder and chutes. Although I am mostly a side/back country gal, this board has proven itself worthy in the park as well as the rest of the mountain. In closing, I am a five foot tall gear head who is constantly looking for the hot new products, but to be truly honest, I have found my ‘quiver’ board and am stoked to Launch into the next season with it.

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