Rudy Project Rush Helmet Review

by | Mar 26, 2020

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Gearist is based in Colorado and while we have contributors across the United States and Europe, Colorado is the backdrop to our adventures no matter where we go. When we think of Colorado one of the most iconic outdoor activities is mountain biking and while we don’t spend a ton of time in that are, 2016 will be bringing MUCH more and we’re going to begin getting into things today with the Rush Helmet from Rudy Project.

Materials and Construction

Rudy Project is well known across the board for producing vibrant(and we’re talking BRIGHT colors) helmets and glasses.  Little did I know that most of their styles also come in sleek monotone options as well, like the shiny black helmet I pulled out of the box earlier this summer.  But as colors aren’t the most important reason to buy a helmet that is up for the tough task of protecting your head, let me tell you about the construction behind the Rudy Project Rush Helmet.  The Rush is the lightest in Rudy’s line of sport helmets weighing in at only 260 grams. The helmet has a flow through air vent system that keeps your head cool and dry during even the toughest climbs.  The helmet is equipped with custom fit technologies that help you get the most secure, comfortable fit after tightening the straps on the side and the twist valve in back.  The combined action of the EPS structure, the polycarbonate shell and exoskeleton creates resistance to the mechanical action exercised by an impact and dissipates the energy in order to prevent it from being transferred to the head of the rider wearing the helmet.  The Rush has both approved reflective stickers and a compatible visor for added visibility and protection from the elements.


I feel like I am always talking about my big head in reviews, but yet again I need to bring it up.  I have a large noggin and the large size of this helmet fit perfectly on top of my head.  With a small twist in the back and some tightening of the neck straps I felt would it need to, the Rush could get the job done against the ground, whether dirt, rock or pavement.  I’ve gone on quite a few long road rides this summer on a few of the hottest days and appreciated the flow through vent system.  I have a lot of curly hair so ventilation is really important for me to not look like I took a shower just on top of my head after finishing a ride in the summer time.

I was also impressed by how lightweight this helmet was making for a very comfortable ride.  Thanks to its properties Rush is a great helmet for both professional athletes and cycling enthusiasts, and for women and children too given the range of available sizes, all those who seek a helmet with totally reliable and safe performances, with some attention-seeking color options as well.


At $125 the Rudy Project Rush is a steal for the high quality it provides.  It might seem a little steep for those used to going to the local bike store and buying the cheapest option, but if you spend any significant amount of time on your bike, the light weight, custom fit of the Rush will pay itself back twice over by the time you are through with it.

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