WAA Ultra Equipment Ultra Carrier Shirt Review

by | Mar 26, 2020

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A shirt that functions like a bag sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what WAA has created. “What An Adventure” is an ultra-equipment brand from Paris. We recently reviewed WAA’s most simple running pack, the Ultra Bag Pro 3L, which is the complimentary gear to the Ultra Carrier Shirt. Head on over here to find out what we had to say about the pack. The Ultra Carrier shirt comes in both short and long sleeved and we tested the short sleeved option. It’s named for the many pockets to carry nutrition and small pieces of gear.

The Ultra Carrier short sleeve shirt is like having a small running pack and absorptive shirt in one. It sells for 85 Euro (about $95). At first look, this seems like a lot to pay for a shirt, but given how many bells and whistles it has, this is a pretty fair price. I know that my gear requirements change from a 5K to a Marathon and this shirt is a one-stop shop for almost every distance.

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Check out the WAA Ultra Carrier Shirt at the link below!

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