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Animal Encounters: Mountain Lions / Cougars

  While it's quite rare, humans and cougars do sometimes wind up face-to-face. If that happens, here are a few steps to get out of that situation as safely as possible: 1. Know your tracks. 2. Keep your friends close. 3. Let it go. 4. DO. NOT. RUN. 5. Show them who's...

Layer Up with SmartWool Thermal Midlayers

09.15.2010 With the introduction of the new Thermal Midlayer (TML) series, SmartWool launches the SmartWool® Layer Up System for Fall 2010. Cold weather outdoor enthusiasts will be able to layer head-to-toe in SmartWool® material, offering the most effective and...

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Cloudveil Run Don’t Walk Vest

The "Run Don't Walk" line of gear from Cloudveil is not only for the athlete who is based in the high reaches of the company's home base of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Nor is it some utilitarian line of unattractive gear that works well, but looks awful. When I got my...

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